Nels Ross, “The UP Guy”

Nels Ross is “The UP Guy.” Working solo and with others, he provides uplifting edutainment for groups of all kinds to rave reviews. Motivational? Try oddspirational! As a speaker, entertainer, teaching artist, clean comedian, CEO of In Jest Inc., and co-founder of the non-profit UPLFFT, Nels has uplifted people internationally for 25+ years. Nels is known for promoting fun, faith, wellness, mental health, balance, unity in diversity, and “juggling life” – all to spread joy and goodwill.

Fun Facts:

  • His full name is Nels Ross Cremean. He uses Nels Ross to confuse creditors.
  • He has a Masters in Education and “PHD” in Personal Humor Development.
  • He has performed from Australia to Bermuda and Canada to Buffalo, NY.
  • He works with world-class talents, speakers, and therapists.
  • His training includes theater, circus, math, and juggling his wife and five kids.
  • He defies gravity – both the physical force (with juggling) and graveness (with humor).

A Big “Thank You” to BCPAC for helping us bring In Jest with Nels Ross to our Entertainment lineup.

In Jest with Nels Ross will be performing at the Grace Lutheran Church CLC at 6:00, 8:00, and 10:00 pm.

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