First Night Bradford 2022

We are so excited to be back and better than ever for First Night Bradford’s New Year’s Eve celebration for 2022. We are bringing in fantastic entertainment for everyone’s enjoyment, young and old!
We want to thank our generous sponsors, our venues, vendors, volunteers, and especially our performers for sharing your time and talents to make this a wonderful and enjoyable day and night of delights for all.  
The First Night Bradford Committee consists of:  Kevin Abbott, Maria Fisher Enix, Cindy Funkhouser, Christy Graham, Kacy Huston, Donnie Johnson, Bonnie Kelly, Barry Larson, Barb Pedersen, and Ryan Walb.  Thank you so much for all of your hard work to make this event a success.
Because of the pandemic, we are asking everyone to please wear a mask in each indoor venue.  We will be concluding our evening this year with a block party from 10:30pm - 12:30am on Festival Way and the St. Bernard parking lot.  There will be food vendors/trucks as well as some venues selling food and drinks for you to partake.  
Thank you to the community of Bradford for your continued support and generosity. We wish you all a Happy, Healthy New Year!!!  Now, come down and have a great time!!!
Sincerely and with gratitude,
Barb Pedersen, Chair of First Night Bradford