Alex Cole - Acoustc Guitar/Vocals

Founding father of Trigger Happy the Band in 2015. Owner of Argentieri Brothers Linen Service in Wellsville and a long time member of the Lions Club. Over the past 30 years, I have played guitar as kind of a hobby and the formation of Trigger Happy has let me take my performing to the next level.

Johnny Law - Guitar/Vocals

Joined the band in 2019. Originally from Asbury Park, New Jersey, he started playing at age 27. He moved to Allentown, NY in 1994. MajoAlways learning and teaching. That is actually how I met Alex, polishing him up for the Lions Club Minstrel Show.

Shannon Dickerson, Sr. - Bass

Joined the band in 2019. From Whitesville, NY and has played in varioys bands over the years in this area. A real hard rocker and he loves “Kiss”.

Don Jacobs Drums

Original member of Trigger Happy. Started playing music at age 13. Joined a rock and roll band for a couple of years while in high school. Over the past few years he has gotten back into playing a little with some of the local boys.

This group will be performing on Festival Way from 10:30 pm to 12:30 am.

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