FNB Press Release (June 2017)

Contact: Barb Pedersen, Co-Chairman
Email: bap1@pitt.edu
Contact: Don Martyna, Co Chairman
Email: dmartyna@wbrrfm.com


First Night Bradford still in Motion
BRADFORD, PENNA. (June, 2017) – The First Night Bradford Committee is excited to inform you on the progress for Bradford’s upcoming 2017/2018 First Night Bradford Festivities from their June Meeting.
First Night Bradford, New Year’s Eve at its finest is a drug and alcohol-free cherished community celebration of the New Year through the arts including both local and regional talent suitable and affordable for all ages.
The FNB committee is continuously preparing your 2017/2018 First Night Bradford Festivities. The Committee would like to update you on the current progress of the planning and developing of the 2017/2018 First Night Bradford Event by the additional committees listed below.
The Entertainment Committee is working to find acts that we have not seen before! The Twin Tiers Community Band has shown interested in being a form of entertainment and would need an inside location.
Their last meeting focused on checking in on current acts and sending requests to new performers for the event from Circus Jugglers to a Magician including a Christmas Cantata. Confirmed Acts to date are Studio B, Jim Ronan, Marshmellow Overcoat, Crook Farm All Stars, Coyote Moon Duo, Katie Hallock, and Micael Roy (Origami Artist)
This year we will also see the Star Search Competition return. Put on Your Calendars that auditions will be in October and Competition will be held in November out at Pitt-Bradford Campus.
The venues committee is still searching for appropriate venues to house the acts. The vendors committee is looking for some of the same vendors from last year. They have currently made progress in contact with most, if not all, previous venues and just working out the details with those locations.
FNB Committee discuss possibilities/point to person to oversee and contact fireworks companies. FNB Committee member, Kim, volunteered to be the point of contact and reach out to Firework companies with additional information and guidelines (Can use proximity fireworks only within town limits. What is required for the proximity fireworks and what are the prices we are looking at) She will be coordinating with FNB Technical team (Ryan and Barry) for further information on what we need to do to figure out fireworks.
Suggestions were made on when to start looking for Volunteers and where to get them. There is no further information to report from the Volunteers committee except that they are checking in with bigger corporation or other non-profits for a pool of people. All and any are welcome to Volunteer.
Public Works:
New City Requirement/Development for FNB Committee and planning of the Finale, Fireworks information- proximity fireworks only within town limits. See Finale.
They are out and about getting you excited about the upcoming First Night Bradford. They’ve met with current businesses staples in the community and are in the process of discussing options with them. A round-up deal has been made with Goodwill. The program allows customers to “round up” their purchase and anything “rounded up” will go to First Night Bradford Fund for the event. They are also looking into other bigger corporation in the community as benefactors for Scholarship programs etc…They have set meetings with these corporation and/or donors to discuss the opportunities. As the committee continues their outreach to the community, you will also have access to donation letter via FNB website and facebook page.

They have drafted a letter (which was emailed out to everyone last month) for major sponsor/ large donor. Corporate Sponsors were out by May 13th and Business Sponsors out by May 20. Nothing further to report. See Fundraising.
Committee Members have discussed various clothing and other items as fun forms of advertising. With the shirts, businesses/community members would have the opportunity for sponsorships on the shirts. The shirts could continue to be a great source throughout each year for the FNB event with company logo/name represented on the shirts. The advertising FNB shirts are currently under discussion by the entire committee. If and when approved, you should see them popping up in various locations for your purchase. A logo and letterhead have been designed and approved and now represented across all outlets of advertising.
The First Night Bradford Committee and its current supporters thank you for your support over the years and look forward to the 2017/2018 First Night.
If you have a desire or passion to be part of this great event in anyway including but not limited to: suggestions, donations, time, space, and/or support. Please contact the committee for meeting times and information.
For updated progress, meetings and planning, please visit our website and/or Facebook page.
First Night Bradford is a non-profit 501c3