Press Release-May

Contact: Barb Pederson, Co-Chairman
Contact: Don Martyna, Co Chairman

First Night Bradford in Motion
BRADFORD, PENNA. (May, 2017) – The First Night Bradford Committee is thrilled to inform you on the progress for Bradford’s upcoming 2017/2018 First Night Bradford Festivities.
First Night Bradford, New Year’s Eve at its finest is a drug and alcohol-free cherished community celebration of the New Year through the arts including both local and regional talent suitable and affordable for all ages.
The FNB committee has begun the process of preparing your 2017/2018 First Night Bradford Festivities with an upbeat, dedicated structure committed to our local and surrounding communities with a focus on teamwork. The Committee’s intent is to keep the community up-to-date on the progress of the planning and developing of the 2017/2018 First Night Bradford Event on a consistent basis.
(FNB Meeting was on May 8th)
Listed are the Committee’s and their progress as followed:
The Entertainment Committee is working to find acts that we have not seen before! They would like to present different types of events that change it up from the same old acts we have seen in the past and continue to see already. Some examples of acts they are pursuing are:

A circus performer with a CYR wheel and juggling.
Studio B Dancers,
Field Stone,
Acrobatic Comedy Dance Group
Classical Piano (Choko Aiken)
Reenactors to come in and do something on the history of the town.
The venues committee is still searching for appropriate venues to house the acts. The vendors committee is looking for some of the same vendors from last year.
The finale is under discussion by all members of the FNB committee. The committee is looking into different firework providers as well as different ideas to finish out the night.
Suggestions were made on when to start looking for Volunteers and where to get them. There is no further information to report from the Volunteers committee.
Public Works:
No Current Information to Report.
Nothing to report.
They have drafted a letter (which was emailed out to everyone) for major sponsor/ large donor. Corporate Sponsors out by May 13th and Business Sponsors out by May 20th
Press Releases after each FNB Meeting. New/updated website and facebook pages with weekly posts of progress. Creating a New FNB logo and letterhead for all advertising/promotions.
Next FNB Meeting: June 12 6:00pm at The Bradford Chamber Office
The First Night Bradford Committee and its current supporters thank you for your support over the years and look forward to the 2017/2018 First Night.
If you have a desire or passion to be part of this great event in anyway including but not limited to: suggestions, donations, time, space, and/or support. Please contact the committee for meeting times and information.
For updated progress, meetings and planning, please visit our website and/or Facebook page.
First Night Bradford is a non-profit 501c3 organization.