Marshmellow Overcoat

In 2008, singer and songwriter Tyler Calkins set out to create a sound reflecting the songwriting techniques of the sixties and seventies, while also utilizing modern and contemporary rock aspects. Having achieved a masters degree in music performance from Pennsylvania State University and in pursuing a doctorate, Tyler's knowledge in music, songwriting and
performance is growing each day. Backed by his band, Marshmellow Overcoat, Tyler has five albums under his belt including a new Self-Titled LP, Marshmellow Overcoat, released in January of 2017.

Marshmellow Overcoat features Alan Hancock and Anthony Cavallaro alongside Tyler. Based out of Bradford, Pennsylvania, Tyler & Marshmellow Overcoat perform most often in Western PA and NY State. With over 300 original and cover songs in its
repertoire and several decades of combined experience, the band keeps people dancing, singing, and entertained show after show - Making it one of the most popular bands in the Southern Tier.

Performances at 6, 8 and 10 pm at The First Baptist Church